I always like to talk about originality as the first point for positioning a Web page, because it is the most difficult thing of all.

Many companies come to the Internet to make their businesses a copy of what already exists, and that only leads to that business being kept in the shadow of whoever inspired it.

But it is not only about being original in order to give a different offer to our market, but because Google punishes duplicate content, in fact, it is one of the causes of the many penalties that this search engine can give you.

You must consider that all the content of your Web page must be written by yourself, to guarantee that you have not copied anything from anywhere else, in addition, the videos and images must be original.

It does not cost you anything to do that, maybe a little time, but that guarantees that you will be in good relations with the search engines and your website will position itself better and better. Of course, SEO is not just about content.

Study of keywords: search parameters and positioning

Since we learned SEO through the Authority Hacker course, we knew about the creation of your Web page is one thing, and a very different one is the positioning of it. You must understand that the content is positioned according to the search parameters that, in this case, are known asĀ keywords.

Keywords are determined based on the business niche in which your company is included, that is why one of the most important tips to position a Web page is to know the search habits of your customers.

Remember this: everyone with businesses similar to yours will go for the keywords with the most recurrence on the list, so those are the words that have the most competition; You should be wondering if you’re going to enter that competition or focus on less popular keywords. The important thing is to define the strategy to understand the size of the work to be done.

Important: do not reload the content of keywords, the search engines are not stupid. They know that you want to appear first in the results and that is why they have penalized the excess of keywords for giving more value to other things such as the quality of the content and the reputation of your Web page.

Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is key to your digital marketing; It is a free and essential tool for you to study the development of the positioning of your Web page.

With this tool, you get important data that will help you adjust your strategies, especially if you install it on your website using the Google Tag Manager tool, from where you can squeeze all its potential. For example, you can find information on user behaviour on your website.

By doing a study of Google Analytics data, it is likely that you will notice new keywords that you are not using and that can help position your website.

Remember that the most popular search terms help you in positioning; Include them in your content, photo descriptions, and video titles.

You can also look at Udemy SEO courses here for more detailed instructions.

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