Etsy Vancouver Partnering With to Secure Their Installations

The news of Etsy Vancouver partnering with best VPN Canada official website might take you by surprise but it is absolutely true. The company is actually partnering with the best VPN service provider in Canada for safeguarding the interests of its users and more importantly for protecting its own network. However, there are many individuals who do not have any idea about what a VPN is in reality. For these individuals, a simple explanation would be that VPN or Virtual Private Network is a cyber-security device that works on two functionalities. It encrypts data and re-routes traffic by way of its own secure servers. It is only because of this dual functionality that Etsy and many other e-commerce giants are moving towards the use of this program for improved security of their installations.

Increased Used of VPN in the Field of Data Security

VPNs help in keeping data secure; connections private and the online presence of the user anonymous. One of the greatest features that users can avail with a virtual private network is its ability of accessing restricted and geo-blocked content. VPNs carry out the task of re-routing traffic which automatically brings about changes in the IP addresses of the users. There are many websites that restrict users from accessing their services because of their public IP addresses. This problem can easily be done away with by going for a VPN app. VPNs offers their users the option of selecting preferred servers. This further helps the users in having complete control on the IP address they get and the content that they want to unblock.

Why Go for Best VPN Canada?

There are a number of reasons why individuals and businesses are going for best BPN Canada. The reasons are as follows:

Ease of Access to Restricted Sources

Many people use VPNs for complementing their streaming habits. This goes special for the Canadians where people do not have access to similar content as is viewed by people in the United States. This is the reason why Canadians make use of VPN for accessing US-based information and content. This includes HBO GO, Hulu and American Netflix. Big and small businesses in Canada use this functionality for regaining easy access to content available locally.

Torrent in an Anonymous Manner

Yet another reason why big corporations and individuals in Canada use VPNs is for gaining the potential of torrenting anonymously and safely.  The IP address of an individual reflects his or her location. This helps in identifying the user. Nevertheless, VPNs carry out the task of changing IP addresses thus masking the location of the users. This further helps the users in browsing the internet in an anonymous manner. Because torrenting platforms make use of P2P file-sharing procedure, almost any individual can have a look at the IP address of another user on the same network. Masking the IP address helps in getting away with this problem and this is only possible with the use of a VPN service.

The above mentioned reasons are also some valid reasons behind Etsy Vancouver partnering with best VPN Canada.…