Thank you for celebrating 3 years of success with us!

Thank you for celebrating 3 years of success with us!

by Crystal Ho, June 22, 2017

Can you believe that it has been 3 years since we hosted our first Etsy market at Robson Square in downtown Vancouver? As Etsy Vancouver approaches another milestone, we would like to thank you for being there for us. We could not have done this without our artistic vendors and we definitely would not have made this possible without YOU, our supporters!

First Year – 2014

Second Year – 2015

Third Year – 2016

A lot of changes have happened since 2014 and we are very proud to announce that Etsy Vancouver Market is now one of the most looked-forward to event in our community. In fact, our past events attracted such a substantial audience that last year, we had to relocate to a much larger venue for all of our markets! Did you also know that in 2016 alone, we raised over $23,000.00 to KidsSafe Projects, a local charitable partner, within a few days!? We are still blown away by this amount!

Going forward, we will continue to stay true to our initial goal: to support local artisans while giving back to our community. We strongly believe that this is the only way where we can thrive as a whole. Thank you so much once again for all your support, we genuinely feel very blessed to have such a loyal and uplifting community. Looking forward to seeing all of you in our Etsy Vancouver Market: Summer 2017!

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