Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Crystal Ho, June 8, 2017

Father’s Day is next weekend and dad can be tough to shop for. They are the most likely person in your life to say “No, really, you don’t have to get me anything. I’m all good.” If you’re drawing a blank on what to buy the father figure in you life, we’ve found 8 gift ideas by our local makers:


  1. Perfect card for all dog fathers by UrbanJungleStudio
  2. Decanter tags for dad’s bar cartby And Then Again
  3. Wooden bow tie with Leather Neck Piece by Kerf
  4. Classic Wool Scarf by Pretty Warm Designs
  5. Burgundy and black riveted leather tassel keychain by Scandinazn
  6. Post-Shave Face & Beard Creme for Men by NEU Skin Botanicals
  7. Black Stoneware Handmade Mug by g ceramic & co
  8. Starwars Father’s Day Card by Kenzie

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