#EVM2016 Draw: Win TWO Gift Baskets!

#EVM2016 Draw: Win TWO Gift Baskets!

by Crystal Ho, November 27, 2016

Etsy Vancouver Market: Winter 2016 (#EVM2016) is bringing back the excitement and thrill of crafts and handmade goods! We’re celebrating with some fun challenges. Make sure to participate for a chance to win two gift baskets filled with awesome handmade goodies from our Etsy Vancouver vendors!



Shop ‘till you drop! With two full days of shopping at the Etsy Vancouver Market, purchasing 3 products from the event should be a breeze! That means it’ll be easier for you to enter our #EVM2016 draw for your chance to win an awesome gift basket!

To enter, simply follow these 3 steps:

Step 1 / Get a stamp card at the info booth or from a vendor.

Step 2 / Earn a stamp every time you buy a product.

Step 3 / Once you collect 3 stamps, fill out your contact information at the back and submit your card at the info booth!

That’s it! You MUST complete the above steps to enter the challenge.


Capture some memories at the Etsy Vancouver Market for a chance to win a gift basket! In this part of the #EVM2016 draw, show off your photo-taking skills by participating in our photo challenge! Find your greatest moments at the market and share it with us on social media!

Step 1 / Post a photo of your purchased product(s) or take a photo of yourself at the event on Instagram or Twitter.

Step 2 / Hashtag #EVM2016

Step 3 / Tag @EtsyVancouver

That’s it! Feel free to enter as many times as you like, as we are certain that there will be many memories from the market that you would want to share! Note that your social media accounts must be public for you to enter.

Check out some past entries of the Photo Challenge below! Good luck and have fun!

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