Five Questions with Karla’s Specialteas

Five Questions with Karla’s Specialteas

by Crystal Ho, October 27, 2016

Are you crave for a cup of hot tea during this rainy season? Check out the freshest natural and organic loose leaf from Karla’s Specialteas. Catch Karla’s Specialteas at our Etsy Vancouver Market in just a few weeks time!

When did the idea of launching Karla’s Specialteas take root?

The idea of creating Karla’s Specialteas came from a love of tea and a passion for healing people through natural products. What better way to heal people then through a product that many people use every day! Incorporating organically grown local herbs, flowers and spices to boost the benefits and sneak something “healthy” but delicious into your daily routine. I also really wanted to create a business that could grow as my boys grew, flexible hours and weekends away when their dad was home with them.



IMAGE FEATURES Vanilla Honeybush Tea – BY Karla’s Specialteas

What are some of the proudest achievements of your creative career so far?

I would have to say that my proudest achievements has been growing my business and collaborating with other amazing artisans along the way! I am blessed to work with such amazing retail stores in BC and be a part of such awesome markets like Etsy. I’m am also pretty darn proud of becoming a Certified Tea Sommelier (4 years and a million blind cuppings later…woohoo!)

Tell us about your favourite product from your collection.

I love all my products! All of teas have such amazing benefits and appeal to me in different seasons. If it’s summer, there is nothing better then a chilled cup of Sangria or Pink Grapefruit…add some fresh fruit or your favorite spirit 😉 Drizzly Vancouver weather…you cannot beat a steamy Earl Grey Lavender Fog or curling up with a hot cup of Fireside. My absolute newest fav’s are my botanical tonic line that started with my Turmeric Tonic and now has the addition of ImmuniTea and Anti-Anxiety. These are created as more as a medicinal line and so amazingly beneficial to your overall health! I also love making my tea wares, fancy infusers, the cutest little teapot earrings and my handle-less ceramic mug.


IMAGE FEATURES Pink Grapefruit Herbal Infusion Tea – BY Karla’s Specialteas


IMAGE FEATURES Turmeric Tonic Tea – BY Karla’s Specialteas


IMAGE FEATURES Fancy Tea Infuser – BY Karla’s Specialteas

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for Karla’s Specialteas in the next 12 months.

I’m not much of a planner but I am dreaming about some very exciting things! More medicinals and a focus on health and wellness may be in store. I’m also hoping to travel more to some amazing tea regions…exciting!

What are you most excited for about the upcoming Etsy Vancouver Market?

Karla’s Specialteas‘ first ever Etsy Market was this past Fall and I was blown away by all the amazing customers, thank you to everyone that supports these wonderful local artisans! We couldn’t do it without you. This upcoming holiday show I am most excited to showcase some of my new products and do my own holiday shopping! YAY!

Etsy Vancouver Market - Winter 2016

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