New Year, New Projects. Join Etsy Resolution!

New Year, New Projects. Join Etsy Resolution!

by Crystal Ho, January 5, 2016

Make 2016 your year to finally open that shop! Etsy Canada is offering a free online program called Etsy Resolution that will give you access to tried and tested tips, tricks and lessons, direct from the top sellers who know all about running a successful Etsy shop. It’s easy to sign up!

1. Open a draft shop to start the Challenge! We’ve made it even easier with 40 free listings. Get Started Now. If you already have an Etsy shop but are looking to improve or grow your online business, you are still welcome to join the program.

2. Apply to be in this challenge. You’ll receive daily inspiration and tips from successful Etsy mentors and stay on track with the 4-week lesson plan. The lessons officially start on January 25 but you can sign up now.

3. Join the Facebook Group! You can post questions, and get them answered directly by our 4 successful Etsy mentors.

3. Tell your community that you’re taking the #EtsyResolution challenge @EtsyCA and inspire others to join! Finally, you can visit for more information about this exciting program.


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